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MODI MICA ENTERPRISES is a trusted name when it comes to world class Mica Flakes We offer premium quality Mica Flakes that are made from exceptional quality Muscovite Mica that is widely used for different industrial processes in several industries

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What are Natural MicaFlakes TM? ColorMicas TM make resinous flooring glisten with natural crystalline beauty These unique flakes are derived from a group of sheet silicate minerals, called mica, which include muscovite, phlogopite, biotite, clintonite and others

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Mica Flakes are unique metallic flakes derived from a group of sheet silicate minerals known as mica They provide a natural metallic luster to flooring systems

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mica flakes and mineral specimens at mineralminers: your on-line link direct to the mines for natural mica sheets, mica books, and mica mineral specimens

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Mica is invaluable in the electrical industry because of its unique combination of physical, chemical and thermal properties, low power loss factor, dielectric constant and dielectric strength

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Our mica powder accept shearing technology to produce high pure mica powder, not change any nature of mica, during the whole process of production, adopt totally enclosed type filling system to make sure the safety of quality and meet the environmental protection's requirement

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Mica flakes is Grinding or crushing of processed Mica scrap into sizes ranging from 2 mesh to 30 mesh We prepare natural mica flakes Grinded into various sizes from pure muscovite mica, our natural mica flakes are greatly sought after by industries involved in manufacturing of pearl escent pigment, concrete block fillers, refractory bricks

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Mica is the general name given to a group of 37 crystalline silicate minerals Mica can be ground into small flakes and added to paints to make them shiny and iridescent

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Sheet mica is considerably less abundant than flake and scrap mica, and is occasionally recovered from mining scrap and flake mica The most important sources of sheet mica are pegmatite deposits Sheet mica prices vary with grade and can range from less than $1 per kilogram for low-quality mica to more than $2,000 per kilogram for the highest quality

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Mica Flakes colour selection Mica Flakes are unique metallic flakes derived from a group of sheet silicate minerals known as mica They provide a natural metallic luster to flooring systems

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MICA Mineral Specimens: Mica Sheets, Mica Flakes, Mica Plates & Mica Books Mineral Specimens of all Mica varieties Try our Natural Mica Specimens Satisfaction Guarantee - compare our prices and our superior quality Click on any mica image below to enlarge it

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Calcined mica flakes and calcined mica powder is produced by calcining Mica, at 850° C by K-Oil treatment method It is used in pearlescent pigment industry We produce both calcined mica flakes and calcined mica powder of any required mesh size

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Minerals and Ores, Powder; Mica Flake & Mica Powder; Request Pricing Mica Flake & Mica Powder Description The mica group is a large group with nearly 30 members recognized, but only a few are common Those few however make up a large percentage of the most common rock types found in the Earth's crust The general formula for mica is AB2-3 (Al, Si)Si-3 O-10 (F, OH)-2 In most micas the A

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Pravik Minerals Ltd is a professionally managed association actively engaged in manufacturing and exporting of Minerals We are prominent manufacturer and exporter of Mica Flakes, Quick Seal, Calcium Carbonate, Oil Drilling Fluids, Lost Circulation Material (LCM), Walnut Shell

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- Green form of Muscovite mica in small dense flake groups found in Mariposa (and Tuolumne) County, California Mariposite forms in metamorphasized Dolomite and Quartz, and these are usually present as veins or as a base material

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Bling IT Pure Mica Minerals “A must-have for every Artist’s Box” Mix with Acrylic, Resin/Two-Part Epoxy, Encaustic Wax, Alcohol, Linseed oil, to desired consistency

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Lepidolite is a pink to purple mica and the most common lithium-bearing mineral It is a minor ore of lithium When impregnated with quartz, lepidolite-bearing rocks are sometimes used as ornamental stone or as gem materials

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Who we are Minerals Import & Export Corporation was incepted in the year 1955 It is located at Giridih in Jharkhand Mr Prince Jalan is the CEO of the company under whose enterprising skills we have been scaling new heights in our business endeavors